About Us

What is The Arc of Jackson County?

The Arc of Jackson County is an organization that advocates for people with disabilities.  Our mission is to promote the general welfare of all persons mentally or physically challenged, to act as advocates for these individuals, and to promote the development, implementation and execution of programs designed to benefit persons with disabilities.


What does “advocate” mean?

Advocate means “to be a voice for.”  A “self-advocate” is someone who speaks up for him/herself, and we encourage people with disabilities to be self-advocates, too!


What does The Arc of Jackson County do?

We sponsor social events for people with disabilities, such as the Spring Fling and Ice Cream Social.

We support programs that help people with disabilities in our community.

We make sure the rights of people with disabilities are protected.

We represent people with disabilities to The Arc of Indiana and to our legislators.


What can I do to help?

Watch for our events and attend the events.

Stay informed of the lastest news from the state.

Call us if you need help with community services or resources.

Become a member of The Arc of Jackson County today.

Find us on Facebook.


The Arc of Jackson County is a non-profit organization advocating for persons with disabilities. We are affiliated with The Arc of Indiana and The Arc of the United States.


Meetings are held monthly on the 3rd Thursday at 5:30 pm at the Community Agency Building, 113 N. Chestnut Street, Seymour, IN, in the 2nd floor conference room. Meetings are open to all.


The Arc of Jackson County is a United Way agency.